City of Stars

City of Stars

I’ve always had a special place for LA in my heart. It’s a city full of big dreams and people doing big things. I was only here for 3 days but I’ll definitely be back soon.

The first place we visited was The Commissary at the LINE hotel. The place itself is gorgeous and the food is nothing special but it was still good. The mismatched silverware added to the charm of the place.

Next we went to a coffee shop. No trip is complete without visiting at least one aesthetically pleasing coffee shop so we drove on over to Tilt Coffee Bar. If you know me, I’m not much of a coffee person so I got matcha. I would recommend their matcha! Their cloud coffee was also really good. They were so light and fluffy! We spent a good 30 minutes here just trying to get the perfect coffee picture. Hahaha looking back I always feel so silly. It’s also located in a really cute area with interesting architecture!

When I came down to LA back in December I fell in love with Venice beach. Abbott Kinney has the cutest stores full of clothes, accessories, amazing food, ice cream and cool coffee shops. Everything I want is here!

Ever since I turned 21, I’ve dreamed of going to rooftop bars. I’ve always had a thing for city lights, skyscrapers and views from high places. Perch was such a cute rooftop bar. Located on the 18th floor of the building in Downtown LA, the view was so gorgeous. 

Lastly, we hit up Melrose. I’ve never been but I always hear about it. The street is full of fashion bloggers taking pictures or just tourists taking pictures. The streets are so clean and well put together. It’s a nice area to just walk around in, and did I mention how cute the houses around the area are? I couldn’t help myself but snap a photo of one house I particularly loved. 

And that was the end of my small trip. I’m coming back for you one day, LA. 


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