a SLO weekend

a SLO weekend

This day trip was the most unplanned trip I’ve ever been on but somehow it turned out to be the most chill and relaxing weekend getaway. 

Every moment of this trip was unplanned as we went from one food to the next activity, we always decided things as whatever present thing we were occupied with came to an end. Also, side note, I love Acai bowls and anything smoothie related so SLO was the perfect place for me to try a bunch of different Acai bowl places! Neighborhood had the best acai because their flavors and pairings as well as color really added to the taste of the bowl. I would highly recommend coming here to get your acai fix. 

My favorite moment was when we were at the beach on Sunday morning to just worship, journal and soak up the sun. We even used a plastic cup as a makeshift speaker. Always leave room for the unplanned because that’s when the best things can happen.

Thank you Jesus for such amazing friends that I can truly call my sisters.

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