I graduated–so naturally the first thing I did was go on a short trip with some of my closest friends to a place I’ve always wanted to visit: Mendocino. It was a small, quaint town surrounded by a vast coast. My ideal weekend getaway.

The first night we used AirBnb to get an apartment and we stayed in Fort Bragg because Mendocino’s cute little bed and breakfasts were out of our budget as college students. Little did we know this “apartment” was actually a motel–in a sketch neighborhood. There was no one working at the motel who could let us in to our room but eventually we reached the owner and she personally came to let us in to our place. The inside of the motel was way nicer than the outside so I was pleasantly surprised. The next morning we headed to Glass Beach to start on our first adventure.


Next we drove on over to Mendocino. We stopped by the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens but decided not to go in because there was an admission fee. Sorry gardeners, it was out of our budget. But they did have a very farm to table looking cafe and I couldn’t help myself but snap a few pics of the place.

By the time we left the gardens, we were all STARVING. It was time for some food at Trillium Cafe and Inn. After extensive Yelping with Pauline the night before, we decided to eat here because their fish tacos looked bomb. And they did not disappoint. I would highly recommend coming here for lunch since dinner was a lot more expensive. I’m not much of a food photographer so sorry, no pics of food but we sat by some pretty looking flowers!

FINALLY time to hike along the Mendocino Coast–the highlight of this trip (next to the fish tacos). We followed a sign that said “trail” and began our walk. As we continued down the path, it became more narrow until we were pretty much engulfed in plants. Pauline started pointing out poison oak and that’s when Isabel and I started freaking out. I wasn’t wearing pants that covered my whole legs, and we seemed to be walking into a less paved trail with more wild plants. We tried to find the quickest way out and decided to just run through the field of plants and hope that we didn’t brush past any poison oak. Thankfully we didn’t. Eventually we found the trail that everyone seemed to be using and it was so breathtaking. The ocean just make you feel so small, so human. Pauline, being the adventurous one that she is, kept trekking down steep rock paths. I’m pretty sure I was rock climbing at one point, at least to me I was rock climbing. To others, I was probably just sprawled out on a rock.

At the end of the day we stumbled upon this cute little restaurant/ bar. I don’t remember the name of the place but it was right along the coast.

Last on our list was the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. I wasn’t expecting much but these were probably my favorite pictures that I took. The walk to the lighthouse was about a mile or so, but by foot it felt like forever so Pauline and I decided to run there!



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